Mekitburn festival

Goesting is a socio-cultural organisation from Vilvoorde, based on volunteers. For 10 years our goal has been to organise accessible activities of high quality in the area, without seeking profit. We support and give opportunities to creators: organisers, designers, musicians, artists,... Within all these events we promote innovative music genres and artforms. With lots of focus on our homebase, though with a national and international appeal.

Throughout the year some 60 volunteers work towards a wide range of musical & socio-cultural activities in which we exhibit the sounds and performing arts of tomorrow to a wide audience. We achieve this mainly through four concepts: Soundquakes, Dubgrade, Fauna & Flora and From Scratch.

Each of them is responsible for promoting a certain group of genres. Soundquakes takes care of drum & bass, jungle & core. Dubgrade serves dub, reggae, dancehall & other roots music. Fauna & Flora is responsable for quality minimal, house, techno & electronica. From Scratch highlights the qualities of the Belgian hiphop & beats scene.

Once a year we unite these different genres and styles in one big event: Mekitburn Festival. In ten years, Mekitburn has put itself firmly on the festival map. We continue to propagate values such as experimentation, creativity, commitment, collaboration & participation.

We are always looking for original ideas & motivated souls to join our ranks, so if you are interested do not hesitate to contact us!