Mekitburn festival


As regular guests will know, each year Mekitburn Festival is decorated according to a theme. The theme of our next edition will soon be revealed, but in the past our work was inspired by themes such as ‘Apocalypse’, ‘Arctic’, ‘Wonderland’ and ‘Jungle’.

Being creative with different kinds of materials and our environment is an important part of our way of creating. We like to use unconventional materials and materials which would otherwise often end up in the trash. By taking advantage of the qualities of our venue, we can uplift its esthetic value and integrate it into our theme, but without taking away from what’s already beautiful.

All decorations in and around the venue are crafted by the members of our deco-team. It cosists of welders, interior designers, architects, painters, graffiti artists, VJ’s & video-mappers, combining all their skills from professional training or school to design, plan & model the decorations at Mekitburn Festival and other parties by vzw Goesting?!.

The team consists of some permanent members but is always open to the ideas and help from anyone who is interested, young and old. In the past, visiting artists such as Bisser, Mattias Uyttendaele & FRED played a big role in materializing our ideas for decoration. In other cases we formed partnerships with other organizations such as Scouts Strombeek, Skullmapping, and Visual Circus, to realize certain projects.

The bonds that develop between the deco-team, other creators, artists, logisticians, technicians… provide inspiration for each. New styles and disciplines can be learned by anyone. In this context, decoration is one of the many ways we use to express our wish to offer a free space to share and accumulate learning experience that can also be used in the professional world.