Mekitburn festival

Uprising Concerts

Mekitburn has also been succesfully coöperating with the city of Vilvoorde and CC Het Bolwerk to create 'Uprising Concerts', a part of the Uprising Project by the city of Vilvoorde. More info about this can be found on their website, but the idea is to create places where you can think outside of the box and enjoy all kinds of culture.

 The most important goal of Uprising Concerts is to reach out to as many (local) youths as possible. With these concerts , we are able to pamper them with an eclectic range of musical genres, at a very affordable rate and in their hometown.

Each cooperating member does its part: the city of Vilvoorde and CC Het Bolwerk supply the concertvenue, technical support and funds for the main act, while vzw Goesting?! takes care of the rest of the line-up, the bar and promotion. Besides all this, the Mekitburn-crew also makes sure to leave their mark on each concert by providing all sorts of extra's such as graffiti, lightpainting, homemade decoration, bodypaint, visuals and many more... all of this leads to an experience with a welcoming and exciting atmosphere.

Through the last 3 years Uprising Concerts has been a fascinating learning-process for all parties involved. The combination of professional knowledge and volunteering by a growing group of enthusiasts is without a doubt an unmistakable and essential asset within this dynamic socio-cultural context.

In 2014 two concerts are planned, the first one taking place on the 18th of April, the second one in December.