Mekitburn festival

Mekitburn Festival is the biggest project of vzw Goesting!?, a socio-cultural organisation from Vilvoorde. 

1. Mekitburn Festival promotes a diverse array of music genres and artforms, not the hype of the day. Decoration, street animation, live painting, mapping and poetry, fulfill an equally important role as bands and dj's. Promoting Belgian artists gets our special attention. We want to offer them a moment in the spotlight, give them a chance to expand their own network and share the stage with internationally renowned artists.

2. We create opportunities for creators: people who - in which ever way - create something: organisers, programmers, technicians, designers, musicians, artists, be it professionals or amateurs. Mekitburn is a community where every enthusiastic person is welcome and where all these different talents are being pushed to a higher level.

3. We our very proud that our entire organisation is based on the work of volunteers. Everything, from deco to logistics, stage-building and line-up, is done by a group of very motivated, creative and peace-loving young individuals, all volunteers!

4. We try our best every year to make our festival as eco-friendly and as affordable as possible by creating our own decorations, building our own stages, etc. We are not in this game for the profit.

The 12th edition will take place 16- 17th of september 2016, again in our beloved and magical venue Het Ruiterijcomplex in Vilvoorde, near Brussels. We hope to welcome you there for yet another diverse, original, cozy and crazy mix of cultures and sounds that will touch your soul and move your bodies!

Feel the vibe, spread the word & feed the fire!  The Mekitburn Crew