Mekitburn festival

Jelle Vandewiele

Jelle Vandewiele always had a great interest in visuals and in music. He strated as a Dj in 2010 and soon developed several side projects where he produces his own sounds, music and visuals. As the projects started to develop alot has changed. The music went from a drum’nbass vibe to a more IDM-ish vibe. With this more advanced sound Vandewiele went on a search to combine visuals with his sounds. In his performance PAL Vandewiele doesn’t actually produce visuals, he produces sounds that are beïng played trough the AV-input of a television/beamer. When music is played trough the AV-input it produces a certain static. When you combine the right frequencies, the visuals get more figurative and create a still image. Vandewiele’s project PAL is a search for balance for the same input (sound) Being played trough 2 different output media.