Mekitburn festival

TOYC (UK) at Mekitburn Festival 2013!


With only international headliners left to serve, we will release one each day!

For today: TOYC (UK) in the house/bassmusic room on friday, alongside Randomer (UK), A-Lister (UK), Le Cousin Live (BE), Polygon Live (BE) and the We Bring You Equippe: Mezzdub (BE) & Borealis (BE)!!

Stay tuned for another big one tomorrow!

Line-up almost finished...


Nearly all names have now been released, by the end of this week the full list will be online!

For today:

- Livitones (BE) - Dub

- Digid (BE) - Reggae/Dancehall (Caddystage)

- Villain (BE) - Drum & Bass

- De Haa (BE) - Hiphop

- KooDoo (BE) - House

Stay tuned!

New names announced!


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- Wasp (BE) - Drum & Bass

- Randomer (UK) - House/Bass Music

- Seven (BE) - Hiphop

- DJ Proceed (BE) - Hiphop

- Forward Fever (BE) - Dub

- Malavolta (BE) - House

- Baze Live Band (BE) - House