Mekitburn festival

Aaron Spectre @ Suburban Jungle II recording!


Thanks all for coming to Suburban Jungle II, it was off the hook!

Luckily for those who weren't there, Aaron decided to record his set, you can find it " target="_blank">here.

Party pictures will soon be online so keep an eye on the facebook page and website.

See you next time!

Another week, another list


To kick off the week, here's another list of artists you can expect to see at the festival:

- DJ Babybang ls. Tommy Milfnikka (BE) - Reggae/Dancehall (Caddystage)

- Die Clique (BE) - Minimal

- Polygon Live (BE) - House/Bass Music

- Reservoir Dub (BE) - Dub

- Stavroz Live Band (BE) - House

- The Sect (UK) - Drum & Bass

Leave a comment & let us know what stages you want to hear about tomorrow!

New names announced daily!


Today's names:

- A-Lister (UK) - House/Bass music

- Raggaravanne Soundsystem (BE) - Reggae/Dancehall

- Raggamuffin Whiteman (BE) - Reggae/Dancehall (Caddystage)

- Beazar Live (BE) - Minimal

- 18 Inch Sound (BE) - Dub

- Losco + Cinus & Lano (BE) - Hiphop

And some special attention for a new animation act: FRED, who will be engaging both the audience and the artists into making a piece of (he)art that will later be auctionned for charity!!